Not all tasks shown after restarting flower service

Issue #802 new
Tim de Wit created an issue

After restarting the flower service only newly started tasks seem to be shown on the “active tasks” section even though the API call (within webbrowser) does show all running tasks.

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  1. Tim de Wit reporter

    Looking further:
    Perhaps it would be an option to use persistant mode for flower? Modifications involve adding “--persistent=True --db=/var/openrem/flower.db” (or /var/dose/celery/flower.db) to the flower commandline in /etc/systemd/system/openrem-flower.service followed by systemctl daemon-reload; systemctl restart openrem-flower.service

  2. Tim de Wit reporter

    Works… but with severe limitations: all task info seems to be missing, so back to the drawing board.

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