Skin Dose Map - work force for openREM to support others equipments as Philips, Ge and other

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Dear David Platten,
Ed McDonagh

First of all, thank you a lot for the work you have done on OpenREM.
We have used OpenRem for many years and are very happy with the functionalities done.

I will present myself :
My name is Damien Pollet. I am working as a salary in a radio protection company.

Our goal is to make openRem support other equipment for the skin dose map (GE, Philips and others..).

We have made a “proof of concept” on the old version of openSkin (standalone of 2017).
We have found that there is some difference in the values sent by different equipment (that is why maybe you didn’t reach to support others equipment).

We have made a solution to reorganize the value like Siemens equipment store values, and it kinda works..
We have found that some values are not only to reorganize, but the “offset” is not correct.
So we added some input to test with different offset.

In conclusion, our solution is to reorganize some values, and add some offset on some values to make openskin able to calculate the skin Dose with GE and Philips equipment.

Today we are free fulll time to make openREM support others equipment but we don’t really know yet what is the real “blocking” point to make the skinDose Map work on openRem.

We are willing to contribute to openRem and we are two people :

Do you agree that we contribute on OpenREM ?
Could we meet (video) for you to explain to us the actual status of OpenREM, how your milestones are set up and a quick briefing to begin the work.

We know what imply to contribute on openSource and know how to process on an OpenSource project (Issues, Pull request …)

Contact :
You can contact me :
Mail :

Kind regards


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  1. Ed McDonagh

    Hi @Damien Pollet

    Thank you for getting in touch and offering your services - the team are all really excited about what you might be able to bring to the OpenREM community!

    I’ll email you both to set up a meeting so that we can share where we have got to and you can explain the progress you have made and we can go from there!

    Kind regards


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