Add ability to import requested procedure name and study description data

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David Platten created an issue

Some of my fluoroscopy systems are missing study description or requested procedure name on initial import. The data is available on the radiology information system, and can be easily exported with the accession number of the study. I would like to be able to import a csv version of this data into OpenREM, much like the existing facility to import patient size information.

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  1. David Platten reporter

    Our Radiology Information System (CRIS) contains more detail on what took place during an examination than the “study description” that arrives in OpenREM. I would like to be able to easily update the OpenREM study description with this CRIS data.

    In CRIS there is a field called "Exam details CSV" which contains the details of the exam, such as the line below:

    IURRLS|Ureteric stent retrograde Lt|1|IURRRS|Ureteric stent retrograde Rt|1

    I have written a Python script which can take a csv file containing the above data, extract the name components, sort them alphabetically and then concatenate them into a single string, separated by a semi-colon:

    Ureteric stent retrograde Lt; Ureteric stent retrograde Rt

    At the moment the Python script also creates an SQL statement for each entry in the CRIS csv export that I can use to update the study description by matching accession numbers present in the CRIS data with those in OpenREM, such as:

    UPDATE remapp_generalstudymoduleattr SET study_description = 'Ureteric stent retrograde Lt; Ureteric stent retrograde Rt' WHERE accession_number = 'TheAccessionNumber';

    There are two side effects to using these long concatenated study descriptions:

    • the rffiltered.html tempate uses nowrap to display the study description, which results in very wide cells, pushing some columns too far to the right, so that they are underneath the filters, and therefore invisible
    • the chart x-axis labels are very long, making it difficult to see the chart data

    For example, this is an entry in my test system once I’ve concatenated the CRIS study name components:

    Nephrostogram Lt; Nephrostogram Rt; Nephrostomy Lt; Nephrostomy tube removal Rt; Ureteric stent antegrade Lt

    Which, before I updated the study name, was simply Ureteric stent antegrade Lt

    I propose that:

    • the nowrap is removed in the rffiltered.html template
    • breaks are inserted in chart labels to wrap the text

  2. David Platten reporter

    Added character wrapping of plot labels for fluoroscopy charts. Added new chart option to set the character length of the wrap (defaults to 500, so unlikely to wrap). Refs issue #900

    → <<cset c1e1a1a8d952>>

  3. David Platten reporter

    Added character wrapping of plot labels for scatter and binned statistic charts. Configured mammography charts to use the text wrapping. Refs issue #900

    → <<cset 54af736c1add>>

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