Check/set the security on export views

Issue #93 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Exports nav link now appears on all pages, but only if logged in with export or admin permissions (refs #93). On exports page it is highlighted. Refs #89.

    → <<cset b2b53e5660ae>>

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Added lots of login_required decorators. Also removed the poll_state view, which seems to be causing some issues. Not resolved yet. Refs #93.

    → <<cset 8ea92aa5f18a>>

  3. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Removed reference to poll_state which has been deleted, so it now works in that all the export functions require a logged in user, but if you know the url you can generate an export and can view and download the result (or any other) if you are logged in as view only. Refs #93.

    → <<cset e9219aa37733>>

  4. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Added check for which group user is in before launching any export jobs. Direct link to downloads for view only users remaining. Refs #93.

    → <<cset c6e417d68c4e>>

  5. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Added user group check to download - if not in correct group it simply redirects to the exports page (as do the failed export job attempts) where the user is informed they do not have the right permissions. Fixes #93.

    → <<cset 74afe0aff54d>>

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