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  1. Ed McDonagh

Docs for ref #318 (use display names table to delete unwanted studies) and ref #580 which is about better handling of RDSR from fluoro or DX.

As before, any comments welcome. I'll merge it in otherwise tomorrow.

Docs at

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  1. Ed McDonagh author

    I've realised that this is not ready, so I'll be doing more work on it before merging.

  2. Ed McDonagh author

    I've added the bits in I wanted to add, and moved a few things around a bit.

    Regarding the timeout for deleting a lot of studies, I don't know why it took so long on my laptop when testing, but if it happens in reality is isn't a big deal I think - if you reload the page it will tell you if it completed or not by whether there are any studies left. Also, if you have set the longer timeout for skin maps then you shouldn't hit it!

    I'll merge this in later if no-one has any objection. Comments welcome.

  3. David Platten

    @edmcdonagh, this looks good. I have a few small comments.

    In in the "User Defined Modality FIeld" first paragraph you say "...based on the information in the DICOM dose structured report ."

    Perhaps this should say, "...based on the information in the DICOM object."?

    Also, there's an erroneous space between "report" and the full stop.

    I also think that "The display name" section at the top of this document should finish with a link to the section further down on how to change the default display name text. Something like, "The default text for display name is set to a combination of institution name and station name. The default display name text can be changed by an OpenREM user in the admingroup - see LINK."

    In the "Dual modality settings" at the end of the document it says, "If after an X-ray system has been set to Dual you wish to reprocess the studies again, you can use the ‘reprocess’ link in the ‘User defined modality’ cell:"

    Perhaps this would be better: "After an X-ray system has been set to Dual you may wish to reprocess the studies. To do this you can use the ‘reprocess’ link in the ‘User defined modality’ cell:" [my aside: what does "reprocess" mean in this context?]

  4. Ed McDonagh author

    Thanks for the feedback David. This does only refer to RDSR objects, because we only get fluoro from RDSR and the DX we get from images are definitely DX. I think.

    I'll implement the other comments.

    Reprocess basically means make look at every study and work out the modality again. In normal use I guess it has no purpose, but when I was putting this all together I ended up in all sorts of knots where doing that was very useful...