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  • GE Fluoro RDSR uses TextValue rather than UID for the Device Observer UID. Refs #739

  • GE Fluoro RDSR has position information sequences, but with a modifier of unknown rather than a value! Refs #739

  • GE Fluoro RDSR has a missing space in CodeMeaning for fluoro dose (RP) total, so using CodeValue instead, which we should be using anyway... Refs #739

  • Adding ref #739 to changes

  • Adding GE RF RDSR to test_files so we can write some test. Refs #739

  • Tidying formatting of line. Refs #739

  • Meanings for both 'X-Ray Tube Current' and 'DateTime Started' were wrong, replaced with CodeValues. Added tests, which unearthed these issues. Refs #739

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