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  • 2017-07-13


Throwing current version of issues526codacy into deveop

  • Revamped dicom.js to suit codicy - will need to check functionality as sadly no tests for this yet. Refs #526

  • Minor change to signature, prompted by codacy. Refs #526

  • Minor change to signature, prompted by codacy. Fixes previous correction. Refs #526

  • Fixing a couple more of the codacy issues on dicom.js - not tested yet. Refs #526

  • Modified to fix most of the codacy issues. Refs #526

  • Codacy pointed out check_uid call wouldn't work. Removed main as can't think why you'd use it. Refs #526

  • Removed a load of trailing whitespaces. refs #526

  • Refactored export views to remove open except statements and reduce duplication. Refs #526

  • More work on exportviews. Refs #526

  • Removed more duplication. Refs #526. Likely to have worse score on Codecy as I've changed the number of things it looks for...

  • Mostly adding in doc-string. Refs #526

  • Simplified if statement to bool. Refs #526

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