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Added codacy related coverage xml file to gitignore.
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Adding ref #522 to docs, also fixing #522 which was actually fixed in 259d3c0 some time ago! Also a bit of case normalisation.
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Moving files around to conform to a more standardised layout.
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Changing copyright dates
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Simplified recursive include to remove duplication, added top-level files that were previously missed.
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Updated readme.rst for 0.8.0b1 release
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Adding deploy to for any 'stage' branches. Refs #511
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Removed a load of trailing whitespaces. refs #526
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Adding requirements file that will hopefully a/ make readthedocs work again and b/ read the requirements from
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Fixing the pydicom version for this release at 0.9.9
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passenv needs to be space separated





OpenREM is a Django app to extract, store and export Radiation Exposure Monitoring related information, primarily from DICOM files.

This is release 0.8.0b1 containing functionality enhancements, speed improvements and bug fixes. Please review the release notes for details.

Full documentation can be found on Read the Docs:, and a demo site can be seen at; username demo password demo

For upgrades, please review the version release notes. For fresh installs, please review the install docs.

Contribution of code, ideas, bug reports documentation is all welcome. Please feel free to fork the repository and send me pull requests. See the website for more information.

There is a developer demo site, which at times has a working demo of recent code, but might not, and might be broken. It can be found at; username demo password demo

OpenREM currently ships with charts that use the HighCharts libraries. This is free to use in a non-commercial setting. For other environments please contact Highcharts for licencing. For more information, please see their website, or the Non-Commercial FAQ.