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Removed the erronous creation of a local ShadowSettings object

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     osg::ref_ptr<osgShadow::ShadowedScene> shadowedScene = new osgShadow::ShadowedScene;
-    shadowedScene->getShadowSettings()->setReceivesShadowTraversalMask(ReceivesShadowTraversalMask);
-    shadowedScene->getShadowSettings()->setCastsShadowTraversalMask(CastsShadowTraversalMask);
+    osgShadow::ShadowSettings* settings = shadowedScene->getShadowSettings();
+    settings->setReceivesShadowTraversalMask(ReceivesShadowTraversalMask);
+    settings->setCastsShadowTraversalMask(CastsShadowTraversalMask);
     osg::ref_ptr<osgShadow::MinimalShadowMap> msm = NULL;
     if ("--no-shadows"))
     else if("--vdsm") )
-        osgShadow::ShadowSettings* settings = new osgShadow::ShadowSettings;
-        shadowedScene->setShadowSettings(settings);
         while("--debugHUD") ) settings->setDebugDraw( true );
         if ("--persp")) settings->setShadowMapProjectionHint(osgShadow::ShadowSettings::PERSPECTIVE_SHADOW_MAP);
         if ("--ortho")) settings->setShadowMapProjectionHint(osgShadow::ShadowSettings::ORTHOGRAPHIC_SHADOW_MAP);
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