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From Jaap Glas, "Added a default parameter to the following constructor in TabPlaneDragger
and TabPlaneDragger.cpp:

TabPlaneDragger(float handleScaleFactor=20.0f);

The reason for this is that the default OSG tab sizes are way bigger than
those we used in our application so far. And since handleScaleFactor_
is already a (constant) class member, I see no objection against making
it user defined."

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File include/osgManipulator/TabPlaneDragger

-        TabPlaneDragger();
+        TabPlaneDragger(float handleScaleFactor=20.0f);

File src/osgManipulator/TabPlaneDragger.cpp

-TabPlaneDragger::TabPlaneDragger() : _handleScaleFactor(20.0)
+TabPlaneDragger::TabPlaneDragger( float handleScaleFactor )
+          :_handleScaleFactor( handleScaleFactor )
     _cornerScaleDragger = new Scale2DDragger(Scale2DDragger::SCALE_WITH_OPPOSITE_HANDLE_AS_PIVOT);