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From Wang Rui, "A very small but maybe fatal problem was found when I saved models with shader and uniforms (with new double types support) to osgb format and tried to read it again. The application will crash here. And the serializer file should be slightly changed to fix it. Please replace the original file in osgWrappers/serializers/osg/Uniform.cpp."

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File src/osgWrappers/serializers/osg/Uniform.cpp

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         os << (uniform.getFloatArray()!=NULL);
         os.writeArray( uniform.getFloatArray() );
-    if ( uniform.getDoubleArray()!=NULL )
+    else if ( uniform.getDoubleArray()!=NULL )
         os << (uniform.getDoubleArray()!=NULL);
         os.writeArray( uniform.getDoubleArray() );