ognl / build.xml

<project name="ognl" default="jar" basedir="." >

    <import file="osbuild.xml" /> 

    <path id="junit.cp">
        <pathelement location="${build.test}"/>
        <pathelement location="${}"/>
        <pathelement location="${test}/classLoadingTestFiles"/>
        <pathelement location="${test}/etc"/>
        <path refid="cp"/>

    <target name="jar" depends="compile">
        <mkdir dir="${build}"/>

        <mkdir dir="${}/META-INF"/>

        <jar basedir="${}" jarfile="${build}/${name}-${version}.jar">
                <attribute name="Implementation-Title" value="${fullname}"/>
                <attribute name="Implementation-Version" value="${version}"/>

    <target name="dist" depends="jar, docs">
        <copy file="${build}/${name}-${version}.jar" todir="${dist}"/>
        <copy todir="${dist}/src">
            <fileset dir="${src}"/>

        <mkdir dir="${dist}/lib"/>
        <copy todir="${dist}/lib">
            <fileset dir="${lib}"/>

        <copy todir="${dist}">
            <fileset dir="${basedir}">
                <include name="build.*"/>

        <!-- copy README -->
        <copy filtering="on" todir="${dist}">
            <fileset dir=".">
                <include name="*.html"/>
                <filter token="version" value="${version}"/>
                <filter token="builddate" value="${TODAY}"/>

        <zip zipfile="${build}/${name}-${version}.zip" basedir="${dist}">
            <exclude name="docs/clover/**/*"/>
            <exclude name="docs/junit/**/*"/>

    <target name="javacc-generate">
        <java classname="org.javacc.jjtree.Main" classpathref="cp" fork="true">
            <arg value="-OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=${}/ognl"/>
            <arg value="${}/ognl/ognl.jjt"/>

        <java classname="org.javacc.parser.Main" classpathref="cp" fork="true">
            <arg value="-OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=${}/ognl"/>
            <arg value="${}/ognl/ognl.jj"/>

    <target name="docs.impl">
        <ant antfile="docbook.xml" target="doc-docbook"/>

        <copy todir="${dist}/docs">
            <fileset dir="${docs}"/>

        <copy todir="${dist}/docs">
            <fileset dir="${build}/docbook">
                <include name="html/**/*"/>
                <include name="pdf/**/*"/>
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