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 <title>OSCache Changelog</title>
-<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
+<h3>OSCache 2.0.2</h3>
+<p><i>(22th January 2004 - by <a href="mailto:pathos at pandora dot be">Mathias Bogaert</a>)</i></p>
+<b>Bug Fixes:</b>
+  <li>[CACHE-63] NullPointerException in GeneralCacheAdministrator#destroy().</li>
+  <li>[CACHE-44] Multi threading issues with LRU Cache.</li>
+  <li>[CACHE-66] DiskPersistenceListener is not Serializable.</li>
+  <li>GeneralCacheAdministrator now creates the cache from within the constructor. This prevents possible
+  threading issues if the cache is not initialized during application startup.</li>
+  <li>Website documentation updates.</li>
+  <li>Added <a href="deployments.html">OSCache in the Wild</a>.</li>
 <h3>OSCache 2.0.1</h3>
 <p><i>(4th November 2003 - by <a href="&#109;a&#105;&#108;&#116;&#111;:chris&#64;swebtec.&#99;&#111;&#109;">Chris Miller</a>)</i></p>
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