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docs/wiki/Complete Change Log.html

 		<h2><a name="CompleteChangeLog-OSCache2.4.1"></a>OSCache 2.4.1</h2>
 		<h3><a name="CompleteChangeLog-ReleaseNotes"></a>Release Notes</h3>
-		<p>(1st July 2007 - by Lars Torunski)</p>
+		<p>(7th July 2007 - by Lars Torunski)</p>

docs/wiki/OSCache 2.4.1.html

 			    <td valign="top" class="pagebody">
 				    <h3><a name="OSCache2.4.1-ReleaseNotes"></a>Release Notes</h3>
-<p>(1st July 2007 - by Lars Torunski)</p>
+<p>(7th July 2007 - by Lars Torunski)</p>
 <h4><a name="OSCache2.4.1-Thismaintenancereleaseof2.4.1hastwobugfixes%3A"></a>This maintenance release of 2.4.1 has two bug fixes:</h4>
     <info organisation="opensymphony" module="oscache"
-          publication="20070701120000">
+          publication="20070706120000">
         <license name="Apache" url=""/>
         <ivyauthor name="opensymphony" url=""/>
         <dependency org="httpunit" name="httpunit" rev="1.6" conf="build->*"/>
         <dependency org="com/clarkware" name="junitperf" rev="1.9.1" conf="build->*"/>
         <dependency org="org.hibernate" name="hibernate3" rev="3.2.3" conf="build->*" />
-        <dependency org="net.sourceforge.groboutils" name="groboutils" rev="5.0" conf="build->*" />
+        <dependency org="net/sourceforge/groboutils" name="groboutils-core" rev="5" conf="build->*" />
         <dependency org="backport-util-concurrent" name="backport-util-concurrent" rev="3.0" conf="build->*" />
                 <ivy pattern="[organisation]/[module]/ivy-[revision].xml"/>
                 <artifact pattern="[organisation]/[module]/[artifact]-[revision].[type]"/>
+            <url name="maven2.opensymphony">
+                <artifact pattern="[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[module]-[revision].[type]"/>
+            </url>
             <url name="contegix">
                 <ivy pattern="[organisation]/[module]/ivy-[revision].xml"/>
                 <artifact pattern="[organisation]/[module]/[artifact]-[revision].[type]"/>
+        <dependency>
+            <groupId>groboutils</groupId>
+            <artifactId>groboutils-core</artifactId>
+            <version>5</version>
+            <scope>test</scope>
+        </dependency>
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