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- added an example of the <cache:addgroup /> tag
- fixed TLD problem

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         <war destfile="${dist.dir}/${name}-example.war" basedir="${src.webapp}" webxml="${src.webapp}/WEB-INF/web.xml" excludes="WEB-INF/web.xml">
             <lib dir="${lib.dir}/core"/>
-            <lib file="${dist.dir}/${name}.jar"/>
+            <lib file="${dist.dir}/${name}_${version}${release}.jar"/>
+            <webinf file="${src.dir}/core/etc/oscache.tld"/> 
             <classes dir="${build.dir}/webapp"/>


-        <taglib-location>/WEB-INF/lib/oscache.jar</taglib-location>
+        <taglib-location>/WEB-INF/oscache.tld</taglib-location>


     This is some cache content that is in 'group1' (refreshes if more than 5 seconds old)<br>
+<cache:cache key='test3' duration='20s'>
+    <b>Cache Time</b>: <%= (new Date()).getTime() %><br>
+    This is some cache content that is in 'group1' and 'group2'. The groups are added using the &lt;cache:addgroup /&gt; tag.<br>
+    <cache:addgroup group='group1'/>
+    <cache:addgroup group='group2'/>