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Submitted by: Andres March

Changes to build new release distribution. Also some jalopy changes.

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 # OSCache build properties
 # uncomment the next line if this is a release build
         <mkdir dir="${build.test.dir}"/>
         <taskdef resource="clovertasks"/>
-        <javac srcdir="${src.core}/java" destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="cp" compiler=""/>
-        <javac srcdir="${src.core}/test" destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="cp"/>
-        <javac srcdir="${src.plugins}/clustersupport/java" destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="plugins.cp" compiler=""/>
-        <javac srcdir="${src.plugins}/clustersupport/test" destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="plugins.cp"/>
-        <javac srcdir="${src.plugins}/diskpersistence/java" destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="plugins.cp" compiler=""/>
-        <javac srcdir="${src.plugins}/diskpersistence/test" destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="plugins.cp"/>
+        <javac destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="plugins.cp" compiler="">
+        	<src path="${src.core}/java"/>
+        	<src path="${src.plugins}/diskpersistence/java"/>
+        	<src path="${src.plugins}/clustersupport/java"/>
+        </javac>
+    	<javac destdir="${build.test.dir}" debug="${debug}" classpathref="plugins.cp">
+    		<src path="${src.core}/test"/>
+        	<src path="${src.plugins}/diskpersistence/test"/>
+        	<src path="${src.plugins}/clustersupport/test"/>
+        </javac>
         <!-- Run tests using Memory Cache Only -->
         <copy file="${src.core}/test/" tofile="${build.test.dir}/" overwrite="yes"/>
         <echo message="Running tests with memory cache only" level="info"/>
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