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CACHE-116: don't send the last modified header "Wed, 31 Dec 1969 23:59:59 GMT" , if no header is set.

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     private String contentType = null;
     private String contentEncoding = null;
     private byte[] content = null;
-    // setting a default last modified value based on object creation
-    private long lastModified = System.currentTimeMillis();
+    private long lastModified = -1;
      * Set the content type. We capture this so that when we serve this
-        if (response instanceof HttpServletResponse) {
+        if ((lastModified != -1) && (response instanceof HttpServletResponse)) {
             ((HttpServletResponse) response).setDateHeader(CacheFilter.HEADER_LAST_MODIFIED, lastModified);
         if (locale != null) {
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