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Added CACHE-102, CACHE-103, CACHE-118 to the fixed list for 2.1.

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 <h3>OSCache 2.1</h3>
-<p><i>(28th November 2004 - by <a href="mailto:oscache at andresmarch dot com">Andres March</a>)</i></p>
+<p><i>(11th January 2005 - by <a href="mailto:oscache at andresmarch dot com">Andres March</a>)</i></p>
 <b>Bug Fixes:</b>
   <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-70</a>] - last modified problem</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-85</a>] - JavaGroups changed package name</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-98</a>] - Disk cache not getting served first time for long keys</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-107</a>] - flushEntry does not behave correctly in cluster</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>CACHE-118</a>] - Updating groups doesn't work</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-92</a>] - public access for configuration properties</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-94</a>] - More evenly distributed disk caching</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-95</a>] - Output the scope name's in toString()</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>CACHE-102</a>] - Updated the Commons Logging jar to v1.0.4</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>CACHE-103</a>] - Updated the Commons Collections jar to v3.1</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-104</a>] - Destroy cache</li>
 <li>[<a href=''>CACHE-105</a>] - call get() method on put() method call</li>