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fix for CACHE-297 max-age parameter not set on ResponseContent object returned from cache when using MAX_AGE_NO_INIT

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             // setting a default last modified value based on object creation and remove the millis
             if (lastModified == CacheFilter.LAST_MODIFIED_INITIAL) {
                 long current = System.currentTimeMillis();
-    			current = current - (current % 1000);
+                current = current - (current % 1000);
                 super.setDateHeader(CacheFilter.HEADER_LAST_MODIFIED, result.getLastModified());
             // setting the cache control with max-age 
             if (this.cacheControl == CacheFilter.MAX_AGE_TIME) {
-            	// set the count down
+                // set the count down
                 long maxAge = System.currentTimeMillis();
                 maxAge = maxAge - (maxAge % 1000) + time;
             } else if (this.cacheControl != CacheFilter.MAX_AGE_NO_INIT) {
                 super.addHeader(CacheFilter.HEADER_CACHE_CONTROL, "max-age=" + (-this.cacheControl));
+            } else if (this.cacheControl == CacheFilter.MAX_AGE_NO_INIT ) {
+                result.setMaxAge(this.cacheControl);
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