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File src/webapp/silentTest.jsp

+<%@ page import="java.util.*" %>
+<%@ taglib uri="oscache" prefix="cache" %>
+<title>Test Page - Silent Mode</title>
+<style type="text/css">
+body {font-family: Arial, Verdana, Geneva, Helvetica, sans-serif}
+<a href="<%= request.getContextPath() %>/">Back to index</a><p>
+Testing the silent attribute...<br/>
+<cache:cache key="silentTest" mode="silent" duration="10s">
+This content was inserted into the cache silently. Duration = 10 seconds. Current time = <%= new Date() %>
+<br/>Some content has been silently cached<br/>
+<cache:cache key="silentTest">
+You should never get to see this text!