oscache / readme.txt

OSCache is a high performance and widely used J2EE caching solution. For a
full list of features, see:

OSCache can be used as a standalone caching solution for any Java application.
OSCache's tag library requires a Servlet 2.2 / JSP 1.1 compliant container.
The caching filter for dynamic binary content, like PDFs or images, requires a
Servlet 2.3 compliant container.

For further instructions and documentation see the OSCache website at:
The development of the OSCache project is hosted at:
From there you can access the latest code from CVS, subscribe to the mailing
lists and search and submit bug reports.

To get help, please ask on the users mailing list, do not email the developers
directly - they will reply on list to help everyone. The OSCache mailing lists
are available at
Since OSCache was originally hosted at SourceForge, you may also want to search
the old mailing list archives at:

There is an installation guide available at:


OSCache is part of the OpenSymphony project. For more information about
OpenSymphony, see:

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