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- Remove unnecessary fields - email and fullname. They are set and retrieved using PropertySets NOT OSUser fields.
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         <property name="name" column="username" type="string" not-null="true" unique="true" />
         <property name="passwordHash" column="passwd" type="string" not-null="false"/>
-        <property name="email" column="email" type="string" not-null="false"/>
         <set name="groups" table="os_user_group" inverse="false" cascade="none" lazy="false">
 <!--            <jcs-cache usage="read-write"/>-->


- * @author <a href="">Matthew E. Porter</a>
+ * @author <a href="">Matthew E. Porter</a>
 public class HibernateUser extends BaseHibernateEntity {
     //~ Instance fields ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
     private Set groups;
-    private String email;
-    private String fullName;
     private String passwordHash;
     //~ Methods ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
-    public void setEmail(String email) {
- = email;
-    }
-    public String getEmail() {
-        return email;
-    }
-    public void setFullName(String name) {
-        this.fullName = name;
-    }
-    public String getFullName() {
-        return fullName;
-    }
     public List getGroupList() {
         ArrayList groupList = new ArrayList();
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