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        Trigger functions
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				    <p>Trigger function(s) are defined in workflow definition xml file. <br/>
Parent-child relationships are specified in the <a href="" title="Visit page outside Confluence">&#104;ttp://</a> </p>

<p>Description of the <em>trigger function</em> can be found in <a href="3.2 Workflow Concepts.html" title="3.2 Workflow Concepts">3.2 Workflow Concepts</a>, and a usage suggestion in <a href="3.4.4 Utility Functions.html" title="3.4.4 Utility Functions">3.4.4 Utility Functions</a> page. Currently there is no trigger function example included in osworkflow-2.7.0-example workflow definition example.xml file, you have to add it yourself if you want to test it with Quartz scheduler code. However, there is a testcases that uses trigger functions so feel free to use that as an example.</p>

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