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<html><head><title>OSWorkflow Executing actions</title></head><body>
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</ul><p class="paragraph"></p>In OSWorkflow, executing an action is very simple:<p class="paragraph"></p><div class="wikicode"><pre>Workflow wf = <span class="java&#45;keyword">new</span> BasicWorkflow(username);
HashMap inputs = <span class="java&#45;keyword">new</span> HashMap();
inputs.put(<span class="java&#45;quote">"docTitle"</span>, request.getParameter(<span class="java&#45;quote">"title"</span>));
<span class="java&#45;object">long</span> id = <span class="java&#45;object">Long</span>.parseLong(request.getParameter(<span class="java&#45;quote">"workflowId"</span>));
wf.doAction(id, 1, inputs);</pre></div></body></html>
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