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				    <p class="paragraph">There have been a number of changes in OSWorkflow between 2.1 and 2.5. This guide attempts to provide a migration path and a note of non-backward compatible changes.</p>Improved error handling: All exceptions are not checked, and are propagated correctly with their underlying causes. This means that you now have to explicitly catch WorkflowException, or one of its subclasses.<p class="paragraph">The &#039;inputs&#039; field in scripts has been renamed to &#039;transientVars&#039;, and the &#039;variables&#039; field renamed to &#039;propertySet&#039;. The variables map has been removed, and now the PropertySet it previously wrapped is directly passed around. The API&#039;s for conditions, validators, and functions have been modified accordingly. Calls to variables.put/get need to be changed to their PropertySet equivelants (eg, setString/getString and so on). This also means that the get/createVariableMap methods from AbstractWorkflow are removed. This also means that the API for FunctionProviders and Conditions has been changed appropriately. Updating your code is a fairly simply matter of changing variable names and converting Map methods to PropertySet equivelants.</p>Workflow XML descriptor files are now validated. Previously invalid files were still parsed and handled, with the invalid content ignored. This is no longer the case.<p class="paragraph">The DTD was updated and renamed to workflow_2_5.dtd, you will need to update the DTD declaration in your workflow descriptors.</p>Use of BasicWorkflow inside of functions is discouraged. Those who used it to access the workflow store now have a &#039;store&#039; variable in the transient vars that can be used.<p class="paragraph">A new DUE_DATE column is required in the step tables.</p>The EJB Store now has a session bean facade.<p class="paragraph">A number of methods in AbstractWorkflow have also been changed. Instead of two calls to createEntry followed by initialize, initializing a workflow is now done by:</p><div class="code"><pre>workflow.initialize(workflowName, initialAction, inputs);</pre></div><p class="paragraph">This will return a long with the created entry&#039;s ID.</p>Previous descriptor access methods like getActionName, getStepName, and getStepNames in AbstractWorkflow have been removed. It is possible to interrogate the descriptor more fully via the getWorkflowDescriptor method.