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Added clear method and updated ipr file


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         <inspection_tool class="JSUnresolvedVariable" level="WARNING" enabled="true" />
         <inspection_tool class="JSUnresolvedFunction" level="WARNING" enabled="true" />
         <inspection_tool class="JSUndeclaredVariable" level="WARNING" enabled="true" />
-        <inspection_tool class="AnalyzingVariableNaming" level="WARNING" enabled="true">
-          <option name="CHECK_STATIC_FINAL_FIELDS" value="false" />
-          <option name="CHECK_STATIC_FIELDS" value="true" />
-          <option name="CHECK_FIELDS" value="true" />
-          <option name="CHECK_PARAMETERS" value="true" />
-        </inspection_tool>
-        <inspection_tool class="AnalyzingLoggingWithoutLogLevelCheck" level="WARNING" enabled="true">
-          <option name="CHECK_DEBUG" value="true" />
-          <option name="CHECK_INFO" value="false" />
-          <option name="IGNORE_SIMPLE_STATEMENTS" value="true" />
-        </inspection_tool>
         <inspection_tool class="UnnecessaryModuleDependencyInspection" level="WARNING" enabled="true" />
   <component name="StarteamVcsAdapter" />
   <component name="VssVcs" />
+  <component name="XSLT-Support.FileAssociationsManager" />
   <component name="com.intellij.jsf.UserDefinedFacesConfigs">
     <option name="USER_DEFINED_CONFIGS">


   void destroy();
+  /**
+   * Clear the entity manager
+   */
+  void clear();


     return entityName;
+  public void clear()
+  {
+    entityManager.clear();
+  }
   public Collection getKeys(String prefix, int type) throws PropertyException
     return getKeys(entityName, entityId, prefix, type);
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