propertyset / providers / ejb2 / pom.xml

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Justin Koke avatarJustin Koke
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release propertyset-1.6.0-m1
Justin Koke avatarJustin Koke
Move to SLF4j and also further pom clean up.
Justin Koke avatarJustin Koke
Commit to get tests passing and improve maven structure
Default avatar skanjo
Re-organized the poms a bit, added a parent pom. Got cached and memory tests working.
Default avatar skanjo
Configured xdoclet plugin to run the same ejbdoclet task that was used in the Ant build.
Default avatar skanjo
Added ejb2 pom and instructions for installing/deploying ejb.jar to a repository.
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