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Definitions for OJBWorkflowEntry
Put this file in the classpath and modify the repository.xml file to use this file (see OJB doc),
this represent the mapping between OJB classes and osworkflow database on SQLServer,
but it can be easily adapted to other database servers.

Contributed by Jérôme Picard

<!-- Definitions for OJBPropertySetItem -->
<class-descriptor class="com.opensymphony.module.propertyset.ojb.OJBPropertySetItem" table="OS_PROPERTYENTRY">
  <field-descriptor id="1" name="globalKey" column="GLOBAL_KEY" jdbc-type="VARCHAR" primarykey="true"/>
  <field-descriptor id="2" name="itemKey" column="ITEM_KEY" jdbc-type="VARCHAR" primarykey="true"/>
  <field-descriptor id="3" name="itemType" column="ITEM_TYPE" jdbc-type="INTEGER"/>
  <field-descriptor id="4" name="stringValue" column="STRING_VALUE" jdbc-type="VARCHAR"/>
  <field-descriptor id="5" name="dateValue" column="DATE_VALUE" jdbc-type="DATE" conversion=""/>
  <field-descriptor id="6" name="doubleValue" column="FLOAT_VALUE" jdbc-type="DOUBLE"/>
  <field-descriptor id="7" name="longValue" column="NUMBER_VALUE" jdbc-type="BIGINT"/>
  <field-descriptor id="8" name="byteValue" column="DATA_VALUE" jdbc-type="VARBINARY"/>
  <attribute attribute-name="cacheable" attribute-value="false"/>