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<title>PropertySet Usage and Configuration</title>
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<h1>PropertySet Usage and Configuration</h1>
<p>The PropertSet module is configured by a file that is to be located somewhere 
  in the classpath of your application. It looks for the folloring files, in this 
<p>The <strong>propertyset-default.xml</strong> file will always be found, as 
  it is included in <strong>propertyset.jar</strong>. You can override these configurations 
  by writing your own propertyset.xml file and placing it in one of the above 
  locations in the classpath. The configuration file must look like this:</p>
	&lt;propertset name=&quot;baz&quot; class=&quot;com.foo.bar.BazPropertySet&quot;&gt;
		&lt;arg name=&quot;some&quot; value=&quot;thing&quot;/&gt;
<p>The code to use the above PropertySet would be:</p>
<pre>import com.opensymphony.module.propertyset.*;

HashMap args = new HashMap();
// add parameters to the args map
PropertySet ps = PropertySetManager.getIntance(&quot;baz&quot;, args);
<p>The values that are placed in the <b>args</b> map is specific to the PropertySet 
  implementation. We recommend reading the javadocs for the implementation you 
  plan to use to discover the required and optional configuration arguments in 
  <b>propertyset.xml</b> as well as the runtime arguments passed in via the <b>args 
  Map</b> above.<br>