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Issue number: QUARTZ-374
Run checkstyle before compiling

git-svn-id: 69f7d36a-ea1c-0410-88ea-9fd03e4c9665

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 	<import file="${}"/>
+    <import file="checkstyle.ant"/>
 	<property name="src.jboss" location="${src}/jboss"/>
 	<property name="" location="${src}/oracle"/>
     <available property="oracle.present" classname="oracle.sql.BLOB" classpathref="cp"/>
     <available property="weblogic.present" classname="weblogic.jdbc.jts.Driver" classpathref="cp"/>
   	<available property="jboss.present" classname="org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport" classpathref="cp"/>
     <pathconvert property="javadoc.sourcepath">
             <dirset dir="${src}">
-    <target name="compile" depends="common.compile">
+    <target name="compile" depends="checkstyle,common.compile">
       <rmic classname="org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler" classpath="${}" base="${}"/>
     	<copy todir="${dist}" file="${basedir}/EMPTY.MF" />
-    <suppress checks=".*" files="\\src\\java\\"/> 
-    <suppress checks=".*" files="\\src\\oracle\\"/> 
-    <suppress checks=".*" files="\\src\\weblogic\\"/> 
-    <suppress checks=".*" files="\\src\\jboss\\"/> 
-    <suppress checks=".*" files="\\src\\test\\"/> 
+    Use this file to disable specific checkstyle checks for specific files.  
+    Please do not diable checks for specific line numbers as that is difficult
+    to maintain.
+    For usage see:
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