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File docs/docs.html

 	Quartz within a couple of hours.
+<h3>Quick Start Guide</h3>
+	A <a href="">quick start guide</a>
+        can be found in the Quartz wiki.
 	A <a href="tutorial.html">tutorial</a>

File docs/download.html

                         <td>The current stable version of Quartz is:</td>
-                        <td><b>Quartz 1.4.2</b> <i>(8/10/2004)</i></td>
+                        <td><b><a href="">Quartz 1.4.3</a></b> <i>(12/21/2004)</i></td>
                         <td>The lastest release of the Quartz Web-App is:</td>
 	<br />
-	Please use the <font size="+1"><a href="">
+	You may also use the <font size="+1"><a href="">
 	SourceForge download</a></font> page for downloading Quartz.

File docs/index.html

+    <img src="images/quartzEJS.jpg" border="0"/>
     <h3>What is Quartz?</h3>
     <p>Quartz is an open source job scheduling system that can be integrated