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updates for 1.5.0-beta1 release.
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File docs/download.html

-	<title>Quartz - Downloads</title>
-<h3>Quartz Binary & Source Downloads</h3>
-	Our downloads are hosted on Java.Net<br /><br/>
-	<table>
-                <tr>
-                        <td>The latest release of Quartz is:</td>
-                        <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>
-                        <td><b>Quartz 1.4.0-beta3</b> <i>(6/10/2004)</i></td>
-                </tr>
-                <tr>
-                        <td>The current stable version of Quartz is:</td>
-                        <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>
-                        <td><b><a href="">Quartz 1.4.5 (click to dl from</a></b> <i>(3/13/2004)</i></td>
-                </tr>
-                <tr>
-                        <td>The lastest release of the Quartz Web-App is:</td>
-			<td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>
-                        <td><b>Quartz Web-App 1.0-beta3</b>  <i>(3/17/2004)</i></td>
-                </tr>
-	</table>
-	<br />
-	You may also use the <a href="">
-	SourceForge download</a> page for downloading Quartz.

File docs/index.html

     <p>With the upcoming release of version 1.5.0, Quartz is moving to the 
     Apache 2.0 license.</p>
-    <h3><b>NEWS!</b></h3>
+    <h3><b>NEWS! 7/17/2005</b></h3>
+    <p>Quartz 1.5.0-beta1 is now available for download.  Please look at
+    the <a href="">release notes</a>, 
+    which includes a full change-list.</p>
+    <h3><b>NEWS! 7/10/2005</b></h3>
     <p>Chuck Cavaness is working on a book to be published about Quartz.  Lucky
     for us, he's requesting our help reviewing the draft chapters to provide
 license.txt           		a document declaring the license under which
                       		Quartz can be used and distributed.
+docs					    the root directory of all documentation.
+docs/wikidocs               the main documentation for Quartz.  Start with
+                            the "index.html"
 src/java/org/quartz   		the main package of the Quartz project,
                       		containing the 'public' (client-side) API for
                       		the scheduler
                       		components used through-out the main Quartz
 src/examples/org/quartz		a directory containing some code samples on the
 examples               		usage of Quartz.  The first example you should
                       		look at is 'example1.bat' or '' -
 Most of the Java source files are fairly well documented with JavaDOC -
 consider this your "manual".  
-Start by looking at,, and
+Start by looking at org.quartz.Scheduler, org.quartz.Job,
+org.quartz.JobDetail and org.quartz.Trigger.
 Examine and run the examples found in the "examples" directory.