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organize jsp/vm pages/decorators


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 <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/webwork.tld" prefix="ww" %>
 <ww:set name="jobz" value="jobs" scope="request" />
+<%  String root = request.getContextPath(); %>
 <h1><fmt:message key="title.listAllJobs"/></h1>
 <!--decorator="org.quartz.ui.Decorator"  -->
-<display:table name="jobz" class="simple" id="row" >
+Find job(s) by name: <form name="JobSearchForm" method="post" action="<%=root%>/schedule/listJobs.action")>
+<input type="text" name="jobName" value="<ww:property value="jobName"/>"/>
+<input type="submit" value="Search" name="jobSearchSubmit"/>
+<display:table name="jobz" class="simple" id="row" requestURI="listJobs.action">
   <display:column  titleKey="" > 
   		<c:url var="viewurl" value="/jobs/viewJob.action">
 			<c:param name="jobName" value="${}"/>
   <display:column property="jobClass" titleKey="label.job.jobClass" sortable="true"  />
+<script language="Javascript">
+	try {
+		document.JobSearchForm.jobName.focus()
+	} catch (e) {
+	}


 <h1><fmt:message key="title.listAllTriggers"/></h1>
 <ww:set name="triggers" value="triggers" scope="request" />
-<display:table name="triggers" class="simple" id="row" >
+<display:table name="triggers" class="simple" id="row" requestURI="listTriggers.action">
   <display:column  titleKey="" > 
   		<c:url var="joburl" value="/jobs/viewJob.action">
 			<c:param name="jobName" value="${row.jobName}"/>
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