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jhouse  committed 8f69158

fix issue with volatility propertty of trigger.
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File src/java/org/quartz/xml/JobSchedulingDataProcessor.java

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             digester.addBeanPropertySetter(prefix + "/" + TAG_NAME, "name");
             digester.addBeanPropertySetter(prefix + "/" + TAG_GROUP, "group");
             digester.addBeanPropertySetter(prefix + "/" + TAG_DESCRIPTION, "description");
+            digester.addBeanPropertySetter(prefix + "/" + TAG_VOLATILITY, "volatility");
             digester.addRule(prefix + "/" + TAG_MISFIRE_INSTRUCTION, new MisfireInstructionRule("misfireInstruction"));
             digester.addBeanPropertySetter(prefix + "/" + TAG_CALENDAR_NAME, "calendarName");
             digester.addBeanPropertySetter(prefix + "/" + TAG_JOB_NAME, "jobName");

File src/java/org/quartz/xml/job_scheduling_data_1_5.xsd

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 			<element name="description" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0"/>
 			<element name="misfire-instruction" type="quartz:misfire-instructionType" minOccurs="0"/>
 			<element ref="quartz:calendar-name" minOccurs="0"/>
-		</sequence>
+			<element ref="quartz:volatility" minOccurs="0"/>
+  		</sequence>
 	<simpleType name="misfire-instructionType">
 			<documentation>Group in which the Job resides</documentation>
-	<element name="start-time" type="xsd:dateTime">
+   	<element name="start-time" type="xsd:dateTime">
 			<documentation>Start time of the job</documentation>