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jrosenberg  committed 9f87821

Issue number: QUARTZ-466
Added/normalized descriptions of main build targets and added top level build file description that includes typical command line properties

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File build.xml

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 <project name="quartz" default="jar" basedir=".">
+    <description>
+        Main ANT build script for Quartz project.       
+        -----------------------------------------
+        Supported properties include:
+           1. skip.tests       -- Disables unit tests during builds
+           2. skip.checkstyle  -- Disables running checkstyle during builds
+        Default target "jar" will create main project jar as well as all
+        plugin jars for which dependencies are available.   
+    </description>
 	<!-- overridden properties (must be before the import!) -->
     <property name="docs.packages" value="org.quartz.*"/>
-    <target name="compile" depends="checkstyle,common.compile">
+    <target name="compile" depends="checkstyle,common.compile" description="compile main project and plugin source files">
       <rmic classname="org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler" classpath="${build.java}" base="${build.java}"/>
-    <target name="jar" depends="common.jar">
+    <target name="jar" depends="common.jar" description="package main project and plugin jars">
         <antcall target="jar.features.jboss" />
         <antcall target="jar.features.oracle" />
         <antcall target="jar.features.weblogic" />

File checkstyle.ant

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     <target name="checkstyle" depends="verify-checkstyle" if="checkstyle.present" 
-        description="Run checkstyle on all Quartz source.">
+        description="run checkstyle on all Quartz source">
         <taskdef resource='checkstyletask.properties'>
             <classpath refid="cp"/>