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Issue number: QUARTZ-233
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     private boolean useContextClassLoader = true;
-    private boolean validating = true;
+    private boolean validating = false;
     private boolean validatingSchema = true;
-     * Whether or not the XML should be validated. Default is <code>true</code>.
+     * Whether or not the XML should be validated. Default is <code>false</code>.
      * @return
-     * Whether or not the XML should be validated. Default is <code>true</code>.
+     * Whether or not the XML should be validated. Default is <code>false</code>.
      * @param validating
             new JobSchedulingDataProcessor(isUseContextClassLoader(), isValidating(), isValidatingSchema());
         try {
-            processor.processFileAndScheduleJobs(fileName, scheduler, true);
+            processor.processFileAndScheduleJobs(fileName, scheduler, isOverWriteExistingJobs());
         } catch (Exception e) {
             getLog().error("Error scheduling jobs: " + e.getMessage(), e);


             JobDetail dupeJ = sched.getJobDetail(detail.getName(), detail.getGroup());
             if ((dupeJ != null) && !localOverWriteExistingJobs) {
-                getLog().debug("Not overwriting existing job: " + dupeJ.getFullName());
+                getLog().info("Not overwriting existing job: " + dupeJ.getFullName());
             if (dupeJ != null) {
-                getLog().debug("Replacing job: " + detail.getFullName());
+                getLog().info("Replacing job: " + detail.getFullName());
             else {
-                getLog().debug("Adding job: " + detail.getFullName());
+                getLog().info("Adding job: " + detail.getFullName());
             if (job.getTriggers().size() == 0 && !job.getJobDetail().isDurable()) {
+                if(trigger.getStartTime() == null)
+                    trigger.setStartTime(new Date());
                 if (dupeT != null) {
                         "Rescheduling job: " + detail.getFullName() + " with updated trigger: " + trigger.getFullName());
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