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fix clone()
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File src/java/org/quartz/

  * @author Contributions from Mads Henderson
  * @author Refactoring from CronTrigger to CronExpression by Aaron Craven
-public class CronExpression implements Serializable {
+public class CronExpression implements Serializable, Cloneable {
 	private static final long serialVersionUID = 12423409423L;
         } catch (Exception ignore) {
         } // never happens
+    public Object clone() {
+    	CronExpression copy = null;
+        try {
+        	copy = new CronExpression(getCronExpression());
+        	copy.setTimeZone(getTimeZone());
+        } catch (ParseException ex) { // never happens since the source is valid...
+            throw new IncompatibleClassChangeError("Not Cloneable.");
+        }
+        return copy;
+    }        
 class ValueSet {

File src/java/org/quartz/

      * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+    public Object clone() {
+    	CronTrigger copy = (CronTrigger) super.clone();
+        copy.setCronExpression((CronExpression)cronEx.clone());
+        return copy;
+    }
     public void setCronExpression(String cronExpression) throws ParseException {
         this.cronEx = new CronExpression(cronExpression);