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	<title>Quartz - Documentation</title>


<h3>Documentation and Help</h3>
	Most people find that Quartz has a very small learning curve, and with
	the help of the following resources you should find yourself using
	Quartz within a couple of hours.

<h3>Quick Start Guide</h3>
	A <a href="http://wiki.opensymphony.com/display/QRTZ/QuickStart">quick start guide</a>
        can be found in the Quartz wiki.

<h3><b>NEW: Quartz Book!</b></h3>

<p>Chuck Cavaness is working on a book to be published about Quartz.  Lucky
for us, he's requesting our help reviewing the draft chapters to provide
feedback, so please repay his generosity by letting him know what you think  
(find his email address and feedback instructions in the headers of the 

Find the chapters here as they are posted:

<li><a href="Quartz-CH3.zip">Chapter 3 - Hello Quartz</a></li>
<li><a href="Quartz-CH4.zip">Chapter 4 - Scheduling Jobs</a></li>
<li><a href="Quartz-CH7.zip">Chapter 7 - Listeners</a></li>

...Download bandwidth provided by our good service friends at <a href="www.contegix.com">Contegix</a>.

	A <a href="tutorial.html">tutorial</a>
        is available. Though it is not as complete as it will some day be,
	there is plenty there to help you understand what Quartz is, what the core
	concepts are, and how to do the most common operations.

<h3>External (Indepedently written) Documentation</h3>
    Dejan Bosanac wrote an article titled 
    "<a href="http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2004/03/10/quartz.html">Job Scheduling in Java</a>" 
    in which Quartz is prominently featured.

<h3>Examples & Configuration</h3>
	Example code is included with the distribution, in the "examples" directory.
	Reviewing the examples should be enough to get you going, if you're the sort of
	person who learns quickly from example source code
	There are several ways to configure Quartz. Currently, the standard Scheduler
	Factory uses properties files to obtain the configuration. The distribution
	includes a sample properties file (docs/config/example_quartz.properties) that
	contains quite extensive documentation.
	If you are going to use a relational database for storing your Jobs (using
	JDBCJobStore), you should find the files in the distribution's docs/dbTables/
	directory helpful in getting the database tables created. You should also
	find the JavaDoc for JDBCJobStore useful.

<h3>JavaDoc API</h3>
	A fair amount of documentation exists within the <a href="http://quartz.sourceforge.net/javadoc/">JavaDoc</a> for Quartz.
	You should use this documentation as your reference manual.<br />
	<br />
	Pay particular attention to the entries for the main client-side interfaces
	(classes in the org.quartz package)

	There's even more help to be had in our <a href="community.html">community</a> section, including links to
	user forums, user and developer mailing list, and information on how to get
	involved with Quartz development.