quartz / rig / rig.bat

@echo off

rem Set Quartz to the base directory of the Quartz Distribution

@rem setup the class path...
CALL buildcp.bat

rem !!!!!!! Please read important information. !!!!!!
rem If "java" is not in your path, please set the path 
rem for Java 2 Runtime Environment in the path variable below
rem for example :
rem @SET PATH=D:\jdk1.3.1;%PATH%

rem Set LOG4J props if you are interested in setting up
rem a configuraiton file for log4j logging
rem @SET LOG4J_PROPS="-Dlog4j.configuration=log4j.properties"

"java" -cp ../build/java;"%QUARTZ_CP%" %LOG4J_PROPS% threadlock.ThreadLockTest
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