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  <title>Quartz Webapp README</title>
<h2>Quartz Webapp README</h2>
<h3>What's new</h3>
  <li>Added <a href="http://securityfilter.sourceforge.net/">security filter</a>.  Default login is (quartz/quartz).  See WEB-INF/applicatonContext.xml for configuration.  This
application uses <code>org.quartz.ui.web.security.XmlSecurityRealm</code>.  Its fairly easy to extend <code>org.securityfilter.realm.SecurityRealmInterface</code> for your own needs.</li>
  <li>Various bug fixes.</li>
<h3>Configuration notes</h3>
<p>The following needs to be set in order to build the web app:</p>
<li>Make sure you have the current quartz.jar in the /lib folder </li>
<p>The following properties may need to be set in order to run the web application. </p>
<li>edit path to (PATH_TO_DEFINITIONS_FILE) in web.xml if
(PATH_TO_DEFINITIONS_FILE) is left as such, definitions are loaded from
/WEB-INF/classes/JobDefinitions.xml, but that may be okay with you.</li>
<li><p>log4j - see /WEB-INF/log4j.xml.  You may want to fine tune the lo4j settings to your liking. This file is pickup by <code">org.springframework.web.util.Log4jConfigListener</code>. The following context parameters are configured in the web.xml to make this possible.</p>
  &lt;!-- Location of the Log4J config file, for initialization and refresh checks. Applied by Log4jConfigListener. --&gt;
<h3>Known problems</h3>
  <li>When running from the war file, it is recommended that you run with the web application expanded (default on tomcat and resin). </li>
  <li>Jetty 4.2x: has problems with referencing <code>/WEB-INF/classes/JobDefinitions.xml</code>. This is where the default job definitions are loaded from.  If you are running this server be sure to edit the web.xml before deployment the manual enter an extact path for this file.  Jetty 5.xx does not seem to have this problem.</li>