webwork / resin.conf

savaki f027af2 

plightbo 70f37db 

plightbo 801336a 
plightbo 70f37db 

cameronbraid 8538565 
plightbo 70f37db 

savaki f027af2 

    <log id='/log' href='stderr:' timestamp='[%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%s]'/>

    <http-server error-log='build/resin-error.log'>
        <http port='80'/>
        <host id=''>
            <web-app id="/">
                <cache-mapping url-pattern="/*" expires="2"/>
                <jsp jsp-update-interval="2s"/>

                <classpath id='../../../xwork/build/java'/>
                <classpath id='../../build/java'/>
                <classpath id='../../build/example'/>
                <classpath id='../etc/example'/>
                <classpath id='../../lib/core' library-dir="true"/>
                <classpath id='../../lib/optional' library-dir="true"/>
                <classpath id='../../lib/example' library-dir="true"/>

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