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put empty option back in


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     //~ Instance fields ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
+    private boolean emptyOption;
     private boolean multiple;
     private int size;
     private String defaultKey = "";
     //~ Methods ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
+    public void setEmptyOption(boolean emptyOption) {
+        this.emptyOption = emptyOption;
+    }
+    public boolean isEmptyOption() {
+        return emptyOption;
+    }
     public void setMultiple(boolean multiple) {
         this.multiple = multiple;
     public void release() {
+        this.emptyOption = false;
         this.multiple = false;
         this.size = 0;
         this.defaultKey = "";


   <option value="$!{tag.defaultValue}"#if( $tag.contains($tag.ActualValue, $itemValue) ) selected="selected"#end>$!{defaultKeyValue}</option>
+#if( $tag.EmptyOption)<option></option>#end
 #set( $items = ${stack.findValue($tag.list)} )
 #if( $items )
 #foreach( $item in $items )
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