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semi-automated release system!


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         <entry path="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/build/clover.jar" />
         <entry path="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/build/junit.jar" />
+        <entry path="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/build/jsch.jar" />
       <antReference projectDefault="true" />
       <customJdkName value="" />
+name = webwork
+version = 2.1.3
+fullname = WebWork
+fullversion = 2.1.3
+cvs.tag = webwork_2-1-3 =
     <property file=""/>
+    <property file=""/>
     <property name="lib" value="lib"/>
     <property name="lib.core" value="${lib}/core"/>
             <exclude name="docs/junit/**/*"/>
+    <target name="release">
+        <!-- update the navpanel.jsp to include the download link -->
+        <filter token="DOWNLOAD" value="${}"/>
+        <copy tofile="${docs}/navpanel.jsp" file="${docs}/navpanel-source.jsp" filtering="yes"/>
+        <cvs command="commit ${docs}/navpanel.jsp"/>
+        <cvs command="tag -F ${cvs.tag}"/>
+        <!-- update the website -->
+        <sshexec host=""
+            username="${website.username}"
+            password="${website.password}"
+            trust="yes"
+            command="cd /opt/j2ee/opensymphony/webwork;export JAVA_HOME='/usr/java/jdk';cvs update -P -d;/usr/java/ant-1.5.4/bin/ant docs;"/>
+        <!-- update the ibiblio repository -->
+        <scp password="${ibiblio.password}"
+            trust="yes"
+            todir="${ibiblio.username}"
+            file="${build}/${name}-${version}.jar"/>
+    </target>

Binary file added.


 mockobjects-jdk1.3-j2ee1.3.jar - Mock objects library (0.09dev)
 mockobjects-jdk1.3.jar - Mock objects library (0.09dev)
 servlet.jar - Servlet API version 2.3
+jsch.jar - JCraft 0.1.17
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