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-<H1>WebWork2 README</H1><SPAN class=info>Version: <B>@version@</B> - Build Date: 
-<B>@builddate@</B> - <A 
+<H1>WebWork README</H1><SPAN class=info>Version: <B>@version@</B> - Build Date:
-<P>Thank you for downloading WebWork2! The WebWork2 goal is to create the best 
+<P>Thank you for downloading WebWork! The WebWork goal is to create the best
 Model-2 MVC web application framework supporting advanced web application 
 development paradigms such as component based development and code reuse. </P>
 <P class=title>Key Features </P>
-  <LI>Built on <A href="" 
+  <LI>Built on <A href=""
   target=_blank>XWork</A>, but customized to be specifically tailored for web 
   application development 
-  <LI>Custom web-specific Xwork interceptors 
+  <LI>Custom web-specific XWork interceptors
   <LI>Flexible configuration extended from XWork with web-specific configuration 
   <LI>Multiple web-based views, including custom JSP taglibs, Velocity support 
   with pre-built macros, XSLT views, and JasperReports </LI></UL>
 <P class=title>What's Included in this Release </P>
-<UL><PRE>/changelog.html          &lt;- Bug fixes, new features and improvements for this release.
-/README.html             &lt;- This file
-/webwork-2.0.jar         &lt;- Core classes and resources
+<UL><PRE>/README.html             &lt;- This file
+/webwork-2.1.jar         &lt;- Core classes and resources
 /webwork-example.war     &lt;- Demo application (see below)
-/webwork-migration.jar   &lt;- Migration classes for WebWork1 users
+/webwork-migration.jar   &lt;- Migration classes for WebWork 1.x users
 /docs/                   &lt;- All documentation
 /lib/                    &lt;- All JARs - including optional JARs
-/src/                    &lt;- WebWork2 source code</PRE></UL>
+/src/                    &lt;- WebWork source code</PRE></UL>
 <P class=title>Documentation </P>
-  <LI><A 
-  href="">Changelog</A> 
-  for this release 
-  <LI><A 
-  href="">Quickstart 
-  Guide</A> 
-  <LI><A 
-  href="">All 
-  documentation</A> for this release 
-  <LI><A href="">WebWork2 Wiki</A> 
+  <LI><A
+  href="docs/index.html">Documentation</A> for this release, including all change logs, tutorials, and quick start guides
+  <LI><A href="">WebWork Wiki</A>
   (all the latest documentation) </LI></UL>
 <P class=title>Demos </P>
-  / WebWork2</A> mailing list - for general support, help and development of 
-  WebWork2. 
+  / WebWork</A> mailing list - for general support, help and development of
+  WebWork.
   CVS list</A> (for developers) 
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         <zip zipfile="${build}/${name}-${version}.zip" basedir="${build.dist}"/>

File docs/index.html

+	<head>
+		<title>WebWork</title>
+	</head>
+	<body>
+<center><img src="logo.png" /></center>
+<i>Note: if you are looking for information about WebWork 1.x, please go <a href="">here</a></i>
+WebWork is a Java web-application development framework. It is built specifically with developer producitivity and
+code simplicity in mind. WebWork is built on top of XWork, which provides a generic command pattern framework as well
+as an Inversion of Control container. In addition to these features, WebWork provides robust support for building
+reusable UI templates, such as form controls, UI themes, internationalization, dynamic form parameter mapping to JavaBeans,
+robust client and server side validation, and much more.
+Here you will find documentation and download information for the latest version of WebWork. Documentation for the
+currently developing release can always be found on the WebWork wiki. If you have edits or corrections to make to
+the documentation here, you may edit them directly on the wiki as well.
+	</body>

File docs/navpanel.jsp

+<a href="">Download</a><br>
+<a href="wikidocs/Documentation.html">Documentation</a><br>
+<a href="api/">API Documentation</a><br>
+- <a href="">Issue Overview</a><br>
+- <a href="">Roadmap</a><br>
+- <a href="">Changelog</a><br>
+- <a href="">WebWork page</a>