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savaki  committed 2e5b374

- resolves an issue where the tag directives would fail if they called an instance of ParameterizedTagSupport and getParams() returned null

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File src/webapp/default.jsp

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 Click <a href="displaytag.vm">here</a> for example of using 3rd party JSP tags in Velocity<br>
 Click <a href="i18n/jsp/index.html">here</a> for a JSP example of i18n<br>
 Click <a href="i18n/velocity/index.html">here</a> for a Velocity example of i18n<br>
+Click <a href="include.vm">here</a> to see the include tag in use<br>

File src/webapp/include.vm

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+#tag( Include "value='success.vm'" )