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Added wrap attribute to textarea.

git-svn-id: 573baa09-0c28-0410-bef9-dab3c582ae83

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+            <name>wrap</name>
+            <required>false</required>
+            <rtexprvalue>true</rtexprvalue>
+        </attribute>
+        <attribute>


     protected String colsAttr;
     protected String readonlyAttr;
     protected String rowsAttr;
+    protected String wrapAttr;
     //~ Methods ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
         this.rowsAttr = rows;
+    public void setWrap(String wrap) {
+        this.wrapAttr = wrap;
+    }
     public void evaluateExtraParams(OgnlValueStack stack) {
         if (rowsAttr != null) {
             addParameter("rows", findString(rowsAttr));
+        if (wrapAttr != null) {
+            addParameter("wrap", findString(wrapAttr));
+        }
     protected String getDefaultTemplate() {


 #if ($parameters.nameValue)        value="$!webwork.htmlEncode($parameters.nameValue)"      #end
+#if ($parameters.wrap)             value="$!webwork.htmlEncode($parameters.wrap)"           #end
 #if ($parameters.disabled == true) disabled="disabled"                                      #end
 #if ($parameters.readonly)         readonly="readonly"                                      #end
 #if ($parameters.tabindex)         tabindex="$!webwork.htmlEncode($parameters.tabindex)"    #end
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