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- (cosmetic issue) 18n example has the location selection 2x in the href section.
- its actually 2 different case, just that the 2 doesn't have a title, making it seems like the same thing is being repeated twice.


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-    <h4>Using URL Tag</h4>
+    <h4>Using URL (&lt;ww:url/&gt;) Tag</h4>
     <ww:url id="changeLanguageURLen" action="changeLocale" includeParams="none">
         <ww:param name="request_locale">en</ww:param>
     <ww:a href="%{changeLanguageURLfr}">French (fr)</ww:a>
-    <h4>Using href with request_locale parameter</h4>
+    <h4>Using href (plain html &lt;a/&gt; tag) with request_locale parameter</h4>
     <a href="changeLocale.action?request_locale=en">English (en)</a>
     <a href="changeLocale.action?request_locale=de">German (de)</a>
-    <h4></h4>
+    <h4>Using href (&lt;ww:url/&gt; tag) with request_locale parameter</h4>
     <ww:url id="changeLanguageURLenParam" action="changeLocale?request_locale=en"  includeParams="none"/>
     <ww:url id="changeLanguageURLdeParam" action="changeLocale?request_locale=de"  includeParams="none"/>
     <ww:a href="%{changeLanguageURLdeParam}">German (de)</ww:a>
     <ww:a href="%{changeLanguageURLfrParam}">French (fr)</ww:a>
 <hr width="90%" />
 <h4>Internationalized Labels for Locale <ww:property value="%{locale}"/></h4>
         <td><ww:property value="%{getText('')}" /></td>
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