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making dist exclude clover and junit reports, rather than delete them, so they can be viewed (oh, and we need to improve our Clover coverage again)


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         <!-- don't ship with clover and junit docs -->
-        <delete dir="${build.dist}/docs/clover"/>
-        <delete dir="${build.dist}/docs/junit"/>
+<!--        <delete dir="${build.dist}/docs/clover"/>-->
+<!--        <delete dir="${build.dist}/docs/junit"/>-->
         <!-- copy README -->
-        <zip zipfile="${build}/${name}-${version}.zip" basedir="${build.dist}"/>
+        <zip zipfile="${build}/${name}-${version}.zip" basedir="${build.dist}">
+            <exclude name="docs/clover/**/*"/>
+            <exclude name="docs/junit/**/*"/>
+        </zip>