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Validation Errors with DWR (AJAX Tutorial)
o fixed signatures
Issue number: WW-1043


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File webapps/ajax/src/webapp/WEB-INF/classes/xwork.xml

             <result name="success">hello.jsp</result>
+        <action name="helloDefault" class="com.opensymphony.webwork.tutorial.ajax.HelloWorld" method="doDefault">
+            <result name="input">hello-input.jsp</result>
+        </action>
         <!-- Ajax Component examples -->
         <action name="AjaxTest" class="com.opensymphony.webwork.tutorial.ajax.AjaxTestAction">
             <result name="success">AjaxResult.jsp</result>

File webapps/ajax/src/webapp/lesson1/index.jsp

-            <a href="hello!default.action">A simple DIV that refreshes only once</a>
+            <a href="helloDefault.action">A simple DIV that refreshes only once</a>