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Updated ivy.xml/pom.xml to use XWork 1.2.2 final

git-svn-id: 573baa09-0c28-0410-bef9-dab3c582ae83

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         <dependency org="xjavadoc" name="xjavadoc" rev="1.1" conf="build->*"/>
         <!-- default -->
-        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork" rev="1.2.2+" conf="default->default"/>
+        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork" rev="1.2.2" conf="default->default"/>
         <dependency org="apache" name="commons-logging" rev="1.0.4" conf="default->default"/>
-        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork" rev="1.2.2+" conf="source->source"/>
+        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork" rev="1.2.2" conf="source->source"/>
         <dependency org="freemarker" name="freemarker" rev="2.3.8" conf="default->default"/>
         <dependency org="opensymphony" name="ognl" rev="2.6.11" conf="default->default" />
         <dependency org="portlet-api" name="portlet-api" rev="1.0" conf="portlet->default"/>
         <!-- spring -->
-        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork" rev="1.2.2+" conf="spring->spring"/>
+        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork" rev="1.2.2" conf="spring->spring"/>
         <!-- pico -->
         <dependency org="picocontainer" name="picocontainer" rev="1.2-RC-2" conf="pico->*"/>
         <dependency org="w3c" name="dom" rev="3.0" conf="xslt->*"/>
         <!-- tiger -->
-        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork-tiger" rev="1.2.2+" conf="tiger->*"/>
+        <dependency org="opensymphony" name="xwork-tiger" rev="1.2.2" conf="tiger->*"/>
         <!-- cewolf -->
         <dependency org="cewolf" name="cewolf" rev="1.0" conf="cewolf->*"/>
-            <version>1.2.2-SNAPSHOT</version>
+            <version>1.2.2</version>
-            <version>1.2.2-SNAPSHOT</version>
+            <version>1.2.2</version>
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